CEAM ENERGY, and thanks to its experience acquired in substation projects, integrates networks and information technologies in Its fields of activity.


One of the stages of the implementation of your electrical substations is the installation of the network. CEAM ENERGY performs the tasks of:


  • Pulling of twisted pair cables and installation of network sockets and switches
  • Installation of patch panels, pulling and connection of optical fiber
  • Configuration of the different IEDs and PCs constituting the network
  • Installation and connection of GPS antennas
  • Configuration of SNTP time servers



In the modern time, the energy sector is highly digitalized. IT plays a substantial role. CEAM ENERGY masters all new technologies related to the sector, and in particular:

  • Digital control and protection relays from different manufacturers
  • The different relays programming software
  • SCADA systems and their interaction with IEDs
  • The different technologies and communication protocols