Over the years of its activity, CEAM ENERGY has intervened for the maintenance of different electrical installations in various industries, from small factories to the largest industrial platforms. She then acquired extensive experience in the maintenance of such installations.

Maintenance of switching devices

  • Measuring the contact resistance.
  • SF6 gas verification
  • Test and analysis of circuit breakers

Maintenance of measuring devices and transformers

  • Insulation test
  • Verification of transformation ratio and measurement circuits
  • Verification of saturation curves
  • Verification of internal protections
  • Oil treatment and analysis

Maintenance of protection and control relays

  • Checking the settings
  • Verification of trips
  • Verification of the oscilloperturbography
  • Checking communication and signaling

Maintenance of SCADA

  • Maintenance of computer operating systems
  • Maintenance of SCADA systems
  • Repair of computers
  • Control of RTUs and verification of their proper functioning
  • Telecommunications and signaling verification and maintenance