In the construction of electrical substations, wiring is a crucial step. Correct wiring makes the next steps in testing and commissioning easier. The aesthetics of the wiring reflect the qualifications of those who carried it out.
CEAM ENERGY brings you its skills in the field of cabling. Through the experience and qualification of its agents, it ensures you a superior quality of work.

Tirage et pose des câbles

By following the wiring diagrams, the cables are pulled and carefully placed in the gutters.

Electrical cabinets

After installing the electrical cabinets, CEAM ENERGY carry out:

  • Their wiring.
  • The labeling of wires and cables.
  • Wire to wire tests to ensure correct wiring.

Wiring is carried out in accordance with the wiring diagrams.

Electrical boxes

The cables are laid and connected to the various boxes of circuit breakers, disconnectors, CT, TP, Transformers, TSA

Electrical protections

Protections are the vital organ of electrical substations. Their wiring is of decisive importance for their proper functioning.

CEAM ENERGY, being aware of the crucial role of electrical protections, guarantees installation in accordance with standards and careful and rigorous wiring.