Assembly is one of the poles of competence of CEAM ENERGY.

CEAM ENERGY specializes in assembly of:

  • Air open electrical substations (AIS) THT and HT
  • External parts of gas insulated substations (GIS)
  • MV substations

Having a perfect knowledge of the field as well as technical constraints, CEAM ENERGY engages with you and provides you with the complete or customized solution.

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Complete solution

CEAM ENERGY ensures the entire installation stage in your projects of extend or build a new open EHV or HV substations, the external parts of the GIS substations as well as the MV substations.

Custom solution

CEAM ENERGY provides customized installation solutions for:

  • Installation of parts of electrical facilities
  • Relays installation
  • Installation of electrical cabinets
  • Disassembly and crating of old equipment
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Transformer assembly
  • Confection and installation of cable end boxes
  • Supervision of assembly operations